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Antique Rose
ANTIQUE ROSE: This popular lamp is handcrafted using dusky crimson and rose blossom coloured mosa..
Dressed to Kill
DRESSED TO KILL: This bold and striking 'chalice' shaped lamp has sections of sparkling sil..
Frosted Bloom
Captivatingly feminine, Frosted Bloom blends delicate pastel shades of pink with a dash of inca..
Honey Bee
Honey Bee: Honeyed tones of orange and red are flecked with delicate black swirls on this Fragra..
Imperial Treasure
A vibrant gem, this ‘vintage’ shaped lamp, is perfectly formed. Glossy red glass is speckled with lu..
Liitle Fluffy Cloud
A fluffy little cloud is carried to you on the winds of romance. You will fall in love with this lar..
A smart and sophisticated glass lamp with inky black marbled effect on a milky white background. Nea..
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