12ml Fragrance Oils


Mix a few drops with water in an Oil Burner or Ultrasonic diffuser. Also use to re-fragrance Pot Pourri.


  • This fragrance oil cannot be used in Fragrance Lamps and will damage the lamp wick.
  • Do not use on synthetic materials and avoid contact with skin.


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12ml Antique Rose
A bouquet of delicate rose blended with subtle green tones. ..
12ml Black Cherry
A mouth-watering delicious scent. The simple note of rich black cherry is tempered with a profusion ..
12ml Black Raspberry
A mix of juicy red fruits, with accents of lemon and bergamot, this beautiful happy scent is underpi..
12ml Enchanted Forest
Top notes of lavandin and eucalyptus leaf melt into a heart of vetiver, iris wood and spice enhanced..
12ml Freesia & Orchid
FREESIA: A floral fragrance for the summer. One of the most popular flowers of the year. Light nu..
12ml Fresh Linen
A wonderfully clean and airy fragrance, with elements of aloe and fragipani combined with notes of l..
12ml Japanese Orchid
A delicate scent of exotic orchid is perfectly complimented by a bouquet of soft oriental aromas. Ch..
12ml Jasmine & Tuberose
An exquisite perfume with intense floral fragrance tones. Seductive, euphoric warm floral scents wit..
12ml Lavender
Traditional floral base with sweet top notes. ..
12ml Mango & Nectarine
Mango & Nectarine: A delicious mix of ripe, warm fruits. Sunny mango and nectarine has c..
12ml Moroccan Spice
A combination of sparkle and warmth, all brought together with the traditionally blend of cinnamon, ..
12ml Orange & Cinnamon
AN evocative scent of tangy orange, infused with fresh grapefruit combines with the warming notes of..
12ml Oriental Spice
Oriental - inspired fragrance uses the spicy scent of star anise, warmed with notes of nutmeg and ci..
12ml Parma Violet
A beautiful fragrance, reminiscent of a childhood sweet shop. ..
12ml Patchouli
A heavier floral scent with heady notes of patchouli, warmed with heavy musk anise. A traditional sc..
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